You Can’t Squash These!

unknown enemy.png

21st February 2020 – Faye

“From furry to armoured, to having lots of eyes and big teeth. Then, I took my favourite parts and combined them.”

We now have spiders in the game! Look at these beauties!!

They’ve been added to the new Caverns Mode by our lovely programmer Perry for you fellow dwarves to enjoy. So you better beware and get your bug swatter ready!

In this blog I will be showing you guys the development that went into creating my cute babies!

First concept:

V1 Cave Spider Concept Art.jpg

This was my first version of the spider. I based my spider’s colours and shape on the European cave spider (Meta menardi), the only species of cave spider found in the north I believe. While I am happy with how it turned out, we wanted something a little more unique and memorable.

More concepts:

V2 Cave Spider 1.jpg

V3 Cave Spider.jpg

Above you can see me exploring new designs for the spider. I went through lots of different ideas, from furry to armoured, to having lots of eyes and big teeth! When choosing the best designs, I not only considered how cool it looks but also how well it can translate into pixelart, since that’s also important. Then, I took my favourite parts and combined them:

Final concept:

Cave Spider Finished Concept.png

Here is the finished concept art! As you can see, I kept the original yellow and orange which works well since no other creature in TDoG shares those colours. I also gave it a more ant like appearance to help it look more interesting, as well as a simpler shape.

Lastly, the egg design:

Spider Egg Growth.jpg

I came up with two concepts. Ver 1 is closer to real spider eggs while Ver 2 makes more sense for a giant spider to hatch from it, and also looks cooler! The original idea was to have 3 levels of eggs, and that higher levels would hatch either more or bigger spiders, but for now we just have the Lv 1 design.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog, where we explain how the spiders work in-game, as they have a neat little ecosystem that allows them to grow in numbers!

That’s all for now, have a good week!

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