Marketing Thoughts & A New Blog Routine

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14th February 2020 – Perry

“It’s time we started sharing what we have planned for the future, and asking for your input.”

When making decisions at Nysko, I find myself depending on my intuition. There is not one guidebook out there for making a game great, nor for making it successful. We are in a fortunate position that we can take our time in our effort to make both of those a reality. The challenge is in deciding our priorities. You can get so close to development it’s sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees. We are ever determined to build a game you all enjoy, if only we could be directed to what next needs our attention.

In a way, our initial launch had us dipping our toes in the water of releasing a product to the wider world; something none of us have had any experience with. I realise now some of the flaws in our choices around launch. We didn’t give marketing our game the time and effort we should have, and it somewhat got left by the wayside. We’re now working on a plan to change that.

While we still have work to do in regards to the game itself, and I’m sure you’re all eagerly awaiting news on the chapter 2 release (nothing concrete yet), we’ve also been working towards tightening up our presentation. I don’t think our write-up, trailer or screenshots do TDoG justice. I’ll confess it was all done in a bit of a hurry, as we forced ourselves to meet the launch deadline. This was work we should have been refining throughout the months prior, and should continue to refine as we continue to develop the game. That is, after all, what early access is about: continued development. Still, this is all valuable lessons for us to learn from as we grow as a company.

We also need to start involving our players more in the development of the game. Years ago, when all this started, we decided our core vision had to be in the game before we opened up development to our community. Well I think the core vision is there now, and it’s time we started sharing what we have planned for the future, and asking for your input. I’m just not sure yet what medium that should take. We have no public roadmap so that might be a good place to start. What do you guys think?

Lastly, we’ve got some new goals for both our social media posts and our blog. We need to up the frequency of our posts and also refine the content. In future, I’m hoping blog posts will be shorter, but more to the point and released weekly instead of monthly.

If all goes well, we’ll have another blog post next week, so until then, have a good week! Oh and if you didn’t catch the recent update to the game, go check it out: New Caverns Mode (Patch Notes 7).

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