Game-Speed Controls

For those who weren’t aware, the little cog in the bottom-right corner of the minimap is a button that pauses/unpauses the game. As of last month’s update, you can now click and hold this cog to speed the game up! I promised to explain the decision-making behind this mechanic in greater detail, so here we are!

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What’s coming next?

In this blog I will be talking about a few things we have planned after the chapter 2 release.

Chapter 2 is chugging along steadily. It has been slow these past few months, as we’ve been pretty busy with other work. That being said, most of the chapter 2 content is already finished, and we’re getting ready to begin playtesting… so what’s coming next?

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AI Behaviour & Ecosystems

In this blog, I will be discussing some of the amusing challenges I’ve faced while introducing improvements and new behaviours in both player units and enemies, as well as briefly mentioning how progress is getting on with chapter 2. If you’d like to check out the patch notes for the recent update to the game, you can find them here:

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The Finer Details

New caverns mode biome

There will be a new game update in the coming weeks. We’ve been working hard on introducing more visual and auditory feedback, but also trying to fix some logic issues and irritations with the AI behaviour. Today however, I will be discussing the myriad of smaller updates we’re adding, plus the introduction of the “Dwarf’s Guide to Glistenveld”. The following features will appear in the next patch.

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