Eight Legged Fiends – A Closer Look

Cave Spider Finished Concept

28th February – Martyn Hinson

“These spiders don’t distinguish friend from foe, they’ll likely have your dwarves for lunch just as they would a goblin.”

Last week Faye introduced one of our new creatures that will be coming to The Dwarves of Glistenveld. Today I’ll be explaining what the cave spider is and how it behaves in-game. They currently exist in Caverns mode, and will feature in Chapter 2 of the campaign.

We’ve wanted to introduce spiders to the game for some time. It was one of Faye’s must-have creatures and we really liked the idea of them scuttling around in the dark. We didn’t want to follow suit from other fantasy titles with the inclusion of your typical anatomical┬áspider; as with our design of the Mobbit, we wanted it to be different. Faye mentioned in our last blog how we went through different designs before we found one we were happy with and decided to blend elements of different creatures together. In this case, the spider is a mix of an ant, spider and wasp. We wanted these critters to be scary, so let me put it this way, you sure don’t want to encounter them in large numbers. Each spider is a bit weaker than a goblin, but you’ll rarely just encounter one.


We designed the spiders so that they will continually grow their nest and increase their numbers, giving them a proper ecosystem. The way they do this begins with spinning webs. A spider can only place webs where there are enough objects to attach to, meaning it will prefer corners and crevices. Each web that the spider places is a source of food, i.e. whatever small bugs get caught in it. With enough webs placed and enough time feeding from them, the spider is then ready to lay an egg, and they will return to the heart of their nest, where it’s safest to do so. This egg will then eventually hatch, a new spider is born, and so the cycle continues! As spiders place eggs, they will level up and become bigger and stronger.

There is still a couple of tweaks we need to make however, so they’re not quite done yet. We’ve still to add a poison mechanic, as well as more of an instinct to protect their nest from predators. Let’s talk briefly about how we intend this poison to work. A spider injects poison as part of its attack against an enemy, which will drain that unit’s stamina. If their stamina is completely depleted they will fall into a coma, and the spider will then drag them back to its nest for feeding. It’s possible for this unit to re-awaken, provided they’re not being fed upon, which may warrant a rescue mission!


Essentially the moral of this story is, if you find yourself wandering into a spider’s nest, watch out! You may want to gather your warriors and take out the eggs before they hatch and overwhelm you with these venomous beasties. These spiders don’t distinguish friend from foe, they’ll likely have your dwarves for lunch just as they would a goblin!

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for more creature updates in the future!

May your beards and braids be blessed!

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