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10th April 2019 – Martyn

We’re not marketing wizards, nor do we have funding from a publisher to help market the game. This is where we need your help!

Nysko Games has been a hub of activity over the last few weeks. The whole team has been busy plugging away at the final few jobs before we enter into our QA phase. You’ll be happy to know that we have made a lot of progress and that the game is coming along nicely.

A couple of weeks ago we invited some 1st year digital media students from the Colchester Institute to come down to our studio. We delivered a couple of talks about our journey so far as an indie studio, as well as talked a bit about our upcoming game The Dwarves of Glistenveld.


The students were very responsive, they had many questions for us mostly regarding their final major projects which they are working towards. With the Nysko team consisting of individuals from all walks of life, we were more than happy to answer their questions and give out advice. Nysko has always supported young developers looking to get into the industry, we wholehearted believe in supporting the games industry and inspiring the next generation of game developers. From everyone here at Nysko games we wish those students all the best in their projects!

Our big reveal you ask? Well… Our main focus has been putting together a Steam page for people to check out the game, add TDoG to their wishlist’s and to start spreading our dwarvish tale. I am happy to announce that The Dwarves of Glistenveld Steam page is now LIVE!


Bringing the game out into the open and pushing our social media presence is vital if TDoG is going to succeed. As we are a small team of computer geeks (and proud of it) we’re not really marketing wizards, nor do we have funding from a publisher to help market the game. This is where we need your help! Subscribing to our Youtube channel, following us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram would be a massive help! We are (as most developers are) reliant upon the support of their community to share content and spread the word. From the day we set out to create TDoG we wanted to aim it towards content creators & modders. Being able to create and share maps that you have built with your friends, creating your own scenario using the level editor and being able to mod the game to your hearts content by adding in your own characters & creatures has always been our dream.


This is why we are asking for your help. We need as many people from our die-hard community so far to spread the word. With your help we can expand our reach and bring TDoG to as many people as possible and in doing so help us create the game that we’ve always dreamed of making.

“May mushrooms spring from your beards & braids!”

Martyn Hinson – Lead Designer

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