Polish & Progress Update


11th March 2019 – Perry

Our steam page is coming along, but we still have a few pieces of artwork to finish off.

It’s about time we updated you all on our progress! We’ve had a busy few weeks, mostly focusing on polishing, QA playtesting, our Steam page and our updated game trailer. Every aspect of the game has been under critical analysis this past month as we’ve begun our preparations for Steam Early Access…

Sandbox 19-03-08.png

Sandbox mode has had a makeover, with stunning new icons for all the different options, as well as a more intuitive and expandable layout (for those interested, we took a lot of inspiration from Age of Empires 2). Sandbox mode is by no means complete. However, we will be adding more features and parameters in future chapter releases.

On the technical side of things, I’ve been polishing off the goblin & dwarf AI and helping Martyn write some of the more complicated scripts for the campaign. Polishing is now more important than ever, as we look to releasing the game to a wider market. Unlike at game events where we’re there to help players out if they ever get stuck, we now have to consider most players will be entirely on their own.

QA has revealed a lot of bugs as the team have been using a new feedback form that we’ve built, which everyone will be able to use once the game’s on Steam. Inspired by the feedback form in Subnautica, we feel the right way for players to be able to send feedback is within the game itself. While in-game, you press F8 to bring up the form, pick a category, write your feedback and hit send! We also take a screenshot of the game at the same time so that we can see the context of your feedback.

Feedback Form.png

Our Steam page is coming along, but we still have a few pieces of artwork to finish off. Of course the most important element of the Steam page is the trailer, so that has taken priority over the past couple weeks. It’s a full collaborative effort, as most of the team have been critiquing what we have so far and deciding what comes next. Everything from selecting content, figuring out what text should be on screen, the transition effect between scenes, to what soundtrack to play and the timing of each scene. It can be quite a challenge trying to put yourself in a player’s shoes, and to deliver and present the elements of the game to someone who has never seen it before. We’re so grateful to have Steven Huckle collaborating with us on this task and editing together the game trailer.

Our number one priority though is getting the Steam page live, so we’ll send you all another update when that happens. Until our next post, keep your eyes peeled for goblins and may your axes be ever sharp!

Co-Founder & Lead Programmer

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