Alpha Demo Coming Soon!


26th October – Martyn Hinson & Perry Monschau

We’ve started working towards an alpha demo, where we are hoping a number of people will try out our game, give feedback and offer suggestions for the future! We are currently working on how the user interacts with units; this week we’re designing how orders are assigned! We still have a few more things to do before we can release the demo, but we’re aiming to have it ready either at the end of January or sometime in February.

The demo will include two maps. The first is a tutorial map which will hopefully teach the player how the game is played and what it’s all about. The second is a larger sandbox-like map, which gives the player free roam to do as he/she wishes. As part of the demo we’re aiming to include a way to record playthrough data, for two reasons: Firstly so that we can study player behaviour to improve upon weaknesses in our tutorial and level design; and secondly to identify potential bugs and balancing issues in the game (note, this feature will be optional).

Although there’s still a few months before the demo comes out, please subscribe to our mailing list here if you’d like a copy.

Still reading? Here’s a list of the remaining features we still need to work on:
– Combat Mechanics
– Replacing Placeholder Art
– A Basic Tech-tree
– Sounds
– Mechanic Balancing
– The Tutorial & Sandbox Map

You’re welcome!

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