Quotation Marks & Apostrophes


15th September 2017 – Joseph

“The first symptom of the bug was that when trying to load the tutorial, none of the scripting events worked. They were present in the file, but when the game launched and the tutorial loaded, nothing event related happened.”

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Stream Video & Updates


8th September 2017 – Perry Monschau

“Our latest live-stream is now on our youtube channel, so if you missed it live then you can check it out here: Dwarves of Gistenveld Livestream 2.”

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Providing A Place To Chat (Our new forum)


18th August 2017 – Joseph 

Hello all,

I’m Joseph. I’ll keep my intro brief, you can have a better one by visiting the new forum 🙂 I’m Nysko’s support programmer so a lot of behind the scenes work; I find and fix bugs, provide technical advice and look after infrastructure for Nysko. I mostly work on doing bug fixes and designed the Nysko games website.

They’ve let me loose on the blog to tell you about what I’ve been up to this week. That’s mostly getting our new Forum up and running. The forum gives people a place to talk and allows you to interact with us as we’re making the game.

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A Few Struggles and a Few Changes

2017-08-10 12.20.35

12th August 2017 – Perry Monschau

Working off our own backs, and with no income from this project has had its challenges over the last couple years. We have sadly lost our audio engineer who has decided to move on to bigger and better things. We would like to wish him all the best in his ventures and cannot thank him enough for all his help! We are however, happy to say that one of the other members of the Games Hub has offered to help us out, so that we can at least get the sound effects for the next alpha ready! I can honestly say that we would not have gotten this far without the amazing people at the Games Hub and we’re very thankful for that!

On another note, we’ve had some feedback regarding our blogs and have decided to make some changes to our blogging style. Rather than writing blogs together as we have been, each team member will blog on a weekly rotor by themselves, to talk about what they, in particular, have been up to. We want to do a better job of showing you guys who we are and what we’re doing each week.
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An Interfacial Facelift…

2017-06-28 15.25.1428th June 2017 – Martyn Hinson

The whole team has been busy over the last few weeks reworking the UI, making optimisations, and working on maps that will form the basis for each of the different regions found within the game.


The old UI that appeared at the top of the screen has now been removed. The new UI now sits at the bottom of the screen having been split into two different sections.

The first (which is displayed here on the left) will appear at the bottom-left hand corner of the screen. From this, players can issue orders to their dwarves similar to the old instruction menu. The commands are split into sub menus; in the picture (left), the player has selected the crafting building icon where they can then build a forge or another crafting building.

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Norwich Games Festival 2017

Team 018th June 2017 – Martyn Hinson

On the 1st of June the whole team packed up and took The Dwarves of Glistenveld to the Norwich Games Festival, god damn was it busy! The first hour after the doors opened to the public was always the quietest period of each day, but after that initial hour the crowds just poured in.

It was great meeting other developers from all over the country and hearing about their journeys whilst developing their games. It’s surprising how we all seem to come across the same problems. It somehow makes you feel like you’re a part of a wider community and that the problems you faced aren’t just down to you being incompetent or making bad decisions. It’s a learning curve, a journey that we all go through whilst developing something that we’re pouring our hearts and souls into.

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