What’s coming next?

In this blog I will be talking about a few things we have planned after the chapter 2 release.

Chapter 2 is chugging along steadily. It has been slow these past few months, as we’ve been pretty busy with other work. That being said, most of the chapter 2 content is already finished, and we’re getting ready to begin playtesting… so what’s coming next?

The chapters are mostly relevant to the campaign, but there are a great many other features besides the next chapter of the campaign. New techs, buildings, environments, creatures, as well as the potential for new core features and game modes!

Maybe Multiplayer?

We decided we would take a look at implementing multiplayer after chapter 2 is released. We cannot make any promises that a multiplayer mode will be a thing; we don’t yet know what hurdles we’ll have to face with such an undertaking, but we decided it’s time to take a look at it and see.

One thing that is really important to us is that if we do introduce multiplayer for chapter 3, it absolutely must be playable from start to finish without syncing issues. That will probably be the biggest challenge, and if we find we can’t do that with a reasonable degree of consistency, we may have to drop the idea. Still, we’re going to try, as we believe and have also received feedback that multiplayer could be a really fun experience in the underground world of Glistenveld. We’ve fantasised about the potential of both PvP and PvE modes, but the first iteration would probably take place within skirmish mode, as it is the only mode without any special scripted events. I’d like to reiterate we can’t make any promises at this stage, as we don’t know what we’re up against, but we’ll start working on this as soon as chapter 2 is released!

Besides multiplayer, there are also many techs still to be added to the tech tree. To recap, here is how the tree looks currently:

(tier 2 still has 5 techs to be added, and tiers 3 & 4 have yet to be introduced)

Iron Weapons

For this tech we’re planning on introducing a variety of different weapons of a higher tier than the warrior’s existing axe, each of which should offer a unique strategy. For example a battleaxe might be capable of breaking through shields, meanwhile a great hammer could stun their target or knock them back, or a halberd could allow you to attack from 2 tiles away, even behind an ally, which would offer a powerful advantage in a chokepoint. Obviously none of this is set in stone, and we welcome any ideas you guys have!

We also have crossbows planned as a potential ranged weapon for dwarves to use, however this is further along in the roadmap.

Rolling-barrel Trap

This tech is planned to be a buildable trap that will knock back and damage any creature in its path. Secondly, we think it could also trigger pressure plates or buttons along the way, which allows for the potential of chain reactions with your other defences! We imagine that the trap will reset if a rolling barrel is pushed back onto it.


This tech will introduce a new building that allows dwarves to make beer! We’ve yet to decide all the ingredients that go into these beverages, but we think the beer itself will work similar to meals, except that it provides different benefits besides restoring hunger. I know we’re going to have a lot of fun brainstorming ideas about this one!

The next planned tech along from this is Alchemy, which would allow the crafting of potions. Some of you will have already found the odd potion lying around, and there will be more to come!

Map Table

This tech is planned to add a new building that, once built, will reveal the locations of allies and enemies on the mini-map. Perhaps it could also provide a way of marking locations as a reminder of future activities that you have planned there.

As was eluded to by Faye’s last blog, we also have a number of new creatures in the pipeline. If you would like a recap the ones she mentioned, her blog is here.

Do you have any ideas for cool features to add? Please do share! We have a discord channel, or you can post on the steam forum! We may not always respond, but we do always read and take your feedback on board!

That’s all for now. Until next time, keep your helmets on and your axes sharp!


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