Art Update from Fae

Earth Shard in a tunnel concept

Hello my lovely Goblins, I hope you are all staying safe!

I’m here with a short update on what I’ve been keeping busy with. While Chapter 2 content is in the final stages, I’ve been trying my hand at pixel art again with some Shard Monsters!

Above you can see the concept art I drew. We created these guys in order to help the environment in the game feel more alive. The different variants of Shard Monster will have their own challenge, but they won’t be as threatening as Spiders or Goblins. Defeating them in the proper way will drop cool new items, which could be used in crafting or something; the details aren’t finalised yet.

Each variant is based on an element:

Fire Shard

Animated fire with a crystal shard in its centre. The shard is the heart and power of these beings. Could this shard shoot fireballs at you?

Rock Shard

This one was a lot harder to animate but we’re really happy with how it turned out! It could be harder to defeat, as it’s able to protect itself using those floating rocks, but there must be a way to get around them…

Wind Shard

I could have gone with a few different ideas for this one. In the end I chose a mini tornado, since it was fun to animate… and to imagine items and things flying around it.

Water Shard – Attacking

This was originally going to be the Idle animation for the Water Shard but we found it to be too lively. It could pass as an attacking animation though… Caution! Slippery when wet!

Water Shard – Possible Idle/Movement Animation

I’ve been working on a new idle animation and this it what I have so far. It still needs work but it’s getting there.

Hope you like them! Obviously these shards won’t appear in the game until after chapter 2 is released, but hopefully not too long after! That’s all I have ready to show for now! Hope you all have a great Christmas, take care!



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