Breaking the Radio Silence


30th August – Perry

Nysko Games is now back at work on The Dwarves of Glistenveld. Some of the team have continued work almost throughout the past few months, while other members have spent more time on jobs or with family.

This blog is a quick catch-up so you know what we’ve been getting up to over the past few months and how we’ve progressed.

From June up until mid-July, we were focused on playtesting and fixing as many bugs as possible, while new features were put on hold. I can say with confidence that the present build of the game is the most bug-free it has ever been. This is not to say bugs/crashes won’t happen, but they should be few and far between now, and the autosave feature is there when they do strike. If you do run into issues, please do let us know. We are still listening!

patch notes 10.pngPatch Notes 10
Patch Notes 11

Since July we resumed work on chapter 2 content, and have made good progress in the last month. The upcoming chapter 2 release won’t just affect the campaign, it will provide new content for skirmish mode, scenarios and a new minigame. We are also continuing to develop caverns mode throughout. Progress has been slower than we’d like however, for obvious reasons.

We have had something of a turbulent year at Nysko. The outbreak and lockdown were our most recent challenge, but it is not the only one we’ve faced since TDoG’s launch. 2020 began with saying goodbye to our permanent workspace, which is something we sorely miss. Now, our regular collab meetings only occur through discord, as social distancing does not mix with trying to share each other’s monitors. It can sometimes feel like the world is crumbling around you, and it’s all too easy to just throw in the towel and stop working. However, the release of TDoG is a promise from us that we will continue our work and complete what we set out to, no matter what. If there is but one fan among you who believes this game has the potential to be great, we owe it to you to pursue that goal!

I’d like to apologise for the lack of information about the chapter 2 release. We still cannot give you a release date, but know that we are getting close. We will be expanding on specific topics regarding chapter 2 content in future blogs, but for now, here’s a brief summary of what we still need to do:

  • Level-design – Complete ✓
  • Required assets / features – Complete ✓
  • Level-editing – In-progress
  • Level-scripting – In-progress
  • Playtesting – Beginning
  • Marketing plan – Beginning

As the title suggests, we hope to return to blogging regularly again, at least once a month. That’s all for now. See you next month!


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