Goblin Warrior Development

Warrior Finished Concept

17th April 2020 – Faye

“Where the Dwarves use stone and metal with square shapes, the Goblins would use wood, cloth and leather with more triangular shapes.”

In this blog I outline how the concept art for the Goblin Warrior was developed. I’ve had this guy stuck in my brain for the last year! As with most things, it starts with a basic concept:


Warrior and Worker

First, I drew out the Warrior next to the Worker, so I could keep the designs similar and properly gauge the height between them. I knew what shape I wanted for the Goblin Warrior right off the bat. Where the Worker is strong, big and dumb, the Warrior is smaller, smarter and more tactical. I gave the Warrior a more human shape and proportions. This turns Goblins from being just monsters you find in caves, to a race of sentient thinking and strategizing creatures. The warriors are the Goblins that talk and plan.

I didn’t want to go too human with the Warrior design however so they still get the under bite teeth, large nose and ears, though evidently less exaggerated.


Now cloth robes aren’t gonna cut it for a warrior, so my next job was to design the armour:

Goblin Warrior - Copy.jpg

I had a fair bit of trouble coming up with the armour design for this guy. The Workers had such little armour, I didn’t really know where to start.

Since I designed the dwarf and goblin flags, I’ve had them in my mind being opposites. Where the dwarves use stone and metal with square shapes, the Goblins would use wood, cloth and leather with more triangular shapes. The metal armour I tried just didn’t look right for the Goblins. I found that a tribal theme worked best, so we went with number one.

On a side note, I really like the other headgear I designed on the side; especially the executioners hood thing and the jester hat. Sadly they didn’t match the theme; who knows, maybe one day they’ll be used?

Final Design

Warrior Finished Concept.png

And here we are, the final design! The next step after this was to send these over to Stoo to do his magic with the pixelart! What do you think? Do you like them?


I am very happy with how the goblin warriors turned out! I look forward to talking about the remaining Goblin Classes in the future~ Claws crossed little Goblins!

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