The Easter Update


10th April 2020 – Perry

“Every so often, random tunnels in the map will glow red, and after a little while enemies emerge from them.”

In this blog I’ll be talking about Goblin Warriors, updates to Caverns mode, and a few other features and updates coming in the next TDoG release, which should be happening Easter Sunday!

As Martyn mentioned in a prior blog, our design for goblins will eventually feature 4 classes. The first class we introduced was the worker; large, muscular, but ultimately dim-witted. The worker is responsible for all the grunt-work: mining, foraging and building. The next class is the warrior; small, agile and smarter than the worker, though they’re no masterminds either. The warrior’s job involves exploring, fighting, defending and capturing important locations, such as springs. We have updated the campaign to introduce goblin warriors, and made My Fort a bit more challenging.


Goblin warriors function much like dwarven warriors, as they defend locations and come to the aid of their brethren. While workers level up and gain hit-points through work, the warrior will level up through fighting, and will also develop better combat skills.

There’s also a difference in how they act in combat. Workers mostly lash out and occasionally block, meanwhile warriors are more agile and are able to dodge as well. When under attack, goblin warriors will call for aid from a greater distance.


Next up is Caverns mode. While the initial release of this new mode has been mostly successful, there were a number of bugs to do with quests, objectives, buttons, and some strange AI behaviour. On top of fixing most of those issues, we have introduced some new cave types, and 3 significant new features for the mode:

Tunnels – Tunnels are now a little more dangerous. Every so often, random tunnels in the map will glow red, and after a little while enemies emerge from them. This means tunnels will be persistent threats throughout the game, and you may wish to build defences or walls to stay safe. Or if you’re feeling confident, you could post your warriors there and farm some combat exp!

Clan Colours – One thing I felt was sorely lacking from the previous release was your clan. It was default blue, and you couldn’t change that. So we added an option that allows you to use one of the clans you created in the campaign. You pick one of your created clans and you’ll be able to play them in caverns mode! I realise some of you might not have played the campaign, so I will be working on introducing clan-creation for caverns mode as well, but for a future release. For the time being, you can always start a new campaign, save in level 1 and then go back to caverns mode.

Starting Conditions – The next new option when you play caverns mode is being able to choose a different starting condition. There are only a few basic ones to choose from for now, but we have many more planned:

  • Regular Start – Start with 4 dwarves in a cave, with a toolrack and 3 storage. This is the same as before.
  • Traveling Settlers – Start with 6 dwarves, no buildings but carrying supplies including a toolrack in item form. In this mode the neighbouring caves are already connected to you.
  • Goblins Everywhere – For those feeling confident, this one is for you! Similar to regular start except goblins can appear in almost any cave! Plus, you will encounter many more goblin camps.


We’ve also been hard at work on other features…

Similar to caverns mode, some of the tunnels in the campaign will now spawn goblin warriors who scout the area and may bring reinforcements. This change better suits the story of the campaign in which you’re being chased underground, and there’s now a developing threat the more you linger.

After some feedback, we decided to work on the dwarf name generator, to give dwarves some dwarfier surnames, like Trollpoker or Shieldbreaker. Shout-out to Dwarfurious for the suggestion.

Food barrels will now have graphics showing the food they contain. Also, when moving either storage or barrels, the stored items will also be moved with them. This makes it easier to move parts of your base around or re-organise your storage. Or for longer journeys within a map, you can transport your food with you.


The tech tree now features 2 new techs: Iron Tools, and Wells. The smithing tech no longer unlocks the creation of iron tools, which has been moved to its own tier 2 tech. Instead you are able to craft iron helmets, which is TDoG’s first armour item. Just like a tool or meal, when a dwarf picks up a helmet, they’ll automatically put it on. An iron helmet will not only protect a unit from the potential of crit damage after fumbling, but also blocks the last hit that would otherwise defeat them, breaking the helmet in the process. When the helmet breaks like this, there’s a sound-effect to go with it to alert you and offer one last chance to rescue that dwarf.


The second tech “Wells” unlocks a building that upgrades the Claim to increase population cap by an additional 1, and has more hitpoints. Each spring you claim offers 3 new dwarves that you can spawn. However by converting that claim to a well, you can then spawn an additional 4th dwarf. This can be a game-changer in places where springs are scarce.

I will be writing up the full patch-notes on steam when the update goes live, so be sure to check that out.

Until next time, have a good Easter!

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