Call of the Caverns


4th April – David

“I spent several hours building up my base, befriending other clans, staring gleefully at an island of spiders who couldn’t reach me!”

I think it is fair to say I am a sucker for a good story, so in any game I look forward to the campaign more than anything. The slow reveal of the plot, the progress that your characters make, the conflicts and victories, all make a game a success for me. Working on the Dwarves of Glistenveld I still feel the same, I enjoy working towards the goal of taking back the city, uniting the clans and doing lots of digging!!

However, with the new “Caverns mode” that Perry conjured up in the last update I could be converted to forgetting about a hand-crafted story. For this blog, let’s get stuck into the randomly generated chaos, which I’ve had so much fun playing!

Starting off with four dwarves in a small cavern you can explore outwards in any direction and come across any type of friend or foe. Dig to the left and maybe it’s a nest of spiders! Dig to the right and it could be a gaggle of goblins, or bats, or a lake, or abandoned mine tracks, or another clan of dwarves, who could be friendly or not.


I spent several hours building up my base, befriending other clans, staring gleefully at an island of spiders who couldn’t reach me! I started to run out of food as my population grew, but that’s where both the tech tree and trade-stall become vital. Not only can you buy food from certain traders, but the farming tech allows you to grow and farm mushrooms. Perry tells me the upcoming update for TDoG will also have some cool new features for Caverns mode, so definitely check it out when that arrives! He’ll talk more about that, as well as the goblin warrior, in the next blog.

Speaking of which, if you missed the last blog, Martyn gave us a teaser of the new Goblin Warrior, with concept art and a screenshot. I for one cannot wait to see them in-game; the more variety of opponents the better, and we do have plans for many more creatures to come! Today I felt inspired and knocked up a piece of art based on Faye’s great concept art of the character:

goblin warrior

Until next time, may your axe be as sharp as your eyesight (unless you have the shortsighted trait!)

For Glistenborg!!



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