Fae’s Creature Update!


20th March 2020 – Faye

“We’re thinking it could drop gems and ore, and might be a way to make certain resources renewable.”

Hello all! It’s Fae here with a quick art update! Today I’m giving you guys a sneak peek into some of the new creature concepts we have!

First up is the Rock Crab!

Rock Crab

Ohh, isn’t he cute!

We wanted to create a small non-aggressive critter the players could interact with, as well as help Glistenveld feel more alive. Our plans aren’t final on the behaviour or mechanics of this little fella, but we were thinking he could drop gems and ore, and might be a way to make certain resources like gems renewable where they otherwise wouldn’t be.

Hope none of you guys are squeamish, because next up is the White Leech:

Leeches 2

I gave my leeches little arms as it helps make them look more defined. The colouration is white and a little translucent to give the impression that they live in dark underground places. These leeches will be found in the more dangerous watery regions of Glistenveld, and they’re pretty big compared to real leeches but I think in this case, bigger is better! Their behaviour we think will be pretty straight forward; they’ll probably latch on to a target and drain their hitpoints until they can be rescued.

We’re also working on introducing a new variant of goblin to the game, but we’ll save that for a future post, as Perry will probably want to talk a bit about the different types of goblin and what they’ll do.

Lastly, I’d like to give you guys a glimpse of a promotional comic I’ve been working on for the game:


Here’s a dwarf getting ready to fish! I wonder what could happen?? The colours are subject to change, but definitely keep an eye out for this on Instagram! (Link here: www.instagram.com/nyskogames/)

That’s all from me today! Stay safe out there, and I’ll have another update in a few weeks.

Fae Jinni

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