Out of the Frying Pan

out of the frying pan

6th March – David

“So, what is your Forager meant to do when confronted with an angry goblin or a poisonous spider?”

In our game, “The Dwarves of Glistenveld”, we have a character class called the ‘Forager’. A key role of the Forager is to collect wood to use as a fuel or as a building material:


More importantly, they also gather food, such as mushrooms, meat or fish. They can then take these culinary delights back to camp and fry them up at the cooking station (a tier 1 tech). Your dwarves can then go about their business with a ready-made happy meal to munch on! A happy dwarf is a well fed dwarf!


For this function they are issued with a fishing rod, a hatchet and a frying pan.

So, what is your trusty Forager meant to do when exploring the dark dank corners of Glistenveld, only to be confronted with an angry goblin or a poisonous spider? Wrap them in fishing line? No, too impractical! Use the hatchet on them? No, too sensible! Hit ’em with the frying pan of course! A meaty ‘thunk’ on the nose with five pounds of dwarven forged iron is gonna hurt!

Always a comedy trope, the frying pan has become the weapon of choice for many a pop culture figure. Who can forget Samwise Gamgee whacking the heck out of goblins in “The Lord of the Rings”? Or Rapunzel fending off Flynn in “Tangled”? Indeed Flynn wields the frying pan himself against the Royal Guard, then Maximus the horse uses it and eventually it is adopted as the official weapon of the Royal Guard! Po in “Kung Fu Panda 2” goes one better by going for the dual wield wok as he gets thwack happy!

We are not the first video game to feature the frying pan either. In “Fable” there is a prize frying pan which can be augmented with various slots. “Dead Rising” uses it as an effective zombie killer. A seasoned cast iron skillet is available in “Team Fortress 2”.

There are many, many more examples out there!

So, have fun slapping bad guys with your Foragers’ frying pans!


Hmm… That gives me an idea for a mini-game – “Whack- a- Mo-bbit!”

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