Incoming Updates – Marching Into 2020



10th December 2019 –Martyn

Now when a dwarf levels up you’ll get to choose what ability they get.

2019 has been an interesting year for us with the team having faced many changes & challenges through the final stages of our early access launch. Even though the team were working flat out on QA and bug fixing, we were still finding bugs post-launch. The last couple of months has seen us hunting down the last remaining bugs that slipped our grasp, now we look forward to 2020 and boy do we have some surprises in store! The following describes some of the changes that will feature in the next update, and we’ll continue to expand on them over the next few weeks / months.


First off we’ve made a change to how leveling works. Previously dwarves got a random ability each time they reached levels 2, 5 & 8. Now when a dwarf levels up you’ll get to choose what ability they get. We’re releasing 12 new abilities to go alongside this. We’ve also curbed the exp requirements slightly to make it easier to reach later levels.


New Tech Tree

The old tech tree was small and wasn’t so much a tree as a short list of techs to unlock. The new UI is looking much more like a proper tech-tree and has plenty of room for expansion. We’ll be adding new techs periodically as we move through early access, with a couple due to be released in the next update. Below you can see that by unlocking Support Posts, you’re then able to unlock the associated tier 2 techs.


Chapter 2

Work on Chapter 2 is developing slow but sure. Our main focus after Christmas is to start getting the new levels scripted ready for testing. A new class of goblin will arrive in Chapter 2: The Goblin Warrior. While keeping the workers in check, the goblin warrior patrols and protects around their base, as well as leading assaults on strategic locations. Other new enemies will also feature in the Chapter 2 update, perhaps those that goblins fear even greater than dwarves…



We have a handful of small but significant improvements in the next update. Situational combat abilities were being displayed as a continuous red particle effect. Now units will instead receive a red outline that better shows that they have an active buff. Others include a level up animation, some improvements to the selection UI, better movement collision with enemies so that units feel less ‘airy’, and attack animations are no longer cut off when defeating their target.


We now have a fix for mouse panning randomly disabling (moving the mouse to the edges of the screen), phantom items displaying in the all items display, and one annoying AI bug where units were sometimes returning to battle while the player told them to leave. We’ll have a full list of bug-fixes and feature notes in the next patch notes under Steam Community News.

And More…

TDoG will continue to grow and develop as we add new environments, enemies, buildings, techs, and game modes. Everyone at Nysko Games is working hard to make TDoG fun to play and offer a rewarding experience. If you have any suggestions or if you find any bugs that we’ve missed, you can log them in-game with the feedback form (F8). Equally, if you have any other comments feel free to write about them in the Steam Community Forum!

We’ll keep you updated as we move into 2020. May your beards and braids be blessed, and your mugs be filled with root beer this festive season!


P.S. For those of you awaiting the Mac release, we have a little info to share on our progress. The latest MacOS (Catalina) requires apps to be notarised to allow them to run. To do this, we need a Mac with a relatively new OS and we have to package the game with specific software. Since we update the game every few weeks, there’s no quick-fix to this, so we’ve been busy setting up a Mac and learning about this whole process. Getting the game notarised is all we have left to do before we can release TDoG on Mac.




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