Nysko’s New HQ!


9th February 2019 – Martyn

“Everyone here at Nysko Games is working as hard as possible to deliver a game that has been as enjoyable to develop as it will be to play.”

2019 marks a big year for Nysko and for The Dwarves of Glistenveld. With an early access release planned for spring and with lots of exciting announcements to come, 2019 will prove to be a monumental milestone.

Now you may recall me saying this last January – “I am happy to announce that 2018 will mark the release of The Dwarves of Glistenveld in early access on Steam.” – I would like to hold my hands up and apologise for this misconception. 2018 proved to be a very eventful year.¬†Jobs that we thought would take weeks took months, and as the game continued to evolve we knew things would need to be tweaked, changed and tested. This will not be the case for 2019 however. We’re at at point in development now where we are down to our last few jobs, here is the list of what jobs we have left:

  • Idle Animations
  • Finish scripting Chapter 1 campaign maps
  • Finalise combat descriptions
  • Updated World Map
  • Sandbox UI
  • Female VO’s
  • Cut Scenes
  • Server side Data logging & privacy
  • Trailer
  • Steam page & Steam integration.

Many of the jobs listed here are well under way. Over the next few weeks we will be signing these off as we begin moving into the QA process. Blogs will continue to be on a roughly fortnightly basis as we keep you updated on our progress. We will also continue to increase our social media presence as the game nears release. Be assured, everyone here at Nysko Games is working as hard as possible to deliver a game that has been as enjoyable to develop as it will be to play.

On another note we have moved office! All of last year we watched the building that would become the Innovation Centre take shape. From watching the field torn up by diggers, the laying of the foundations and the steel skeleton of the building erected. Finally it is here! Having only moved across the road from where were, we now find ourselves in the very new, any shiny, Innovation Centre at the University of Essex!


That is all for this week. Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages as we release more dwarven nuggets. We also have an exciting competition which we will be announcing shortly! So make sure to keep an eye on our social media platforms to find out more!

“May mushrooms spring from your beards & braids!”

Martyn – Lead Designer

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