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30th November 2018 – Perry

As your dwarves perform jobs they will gain experience in the respective class and eventually level up, gaining a random ability.

Hello all!

The time has finally come to reveal the next and final Alpha Demo of the Dwarves of Glistenveld (coming very son! It will be the final alpha release as the next release will our early access release to Steam! How exciting is that.

So without further ado, lets talk about what’s changed since Alpha 2, what’s new, and what’s planned for the Steam release next year.

What’s changed:

The visual aesthetic of the user interface, scenery, characters and buildings have all gone through a major overhaul since the last alpha, and we are really pleased with how they look.

alpha 2-3 comparison.gif

Objectives are now split into main objectives and side objectives. Main objectives are required to complete the map and progress onward, while side objectives will simply give you rewards / advantages.

Spawning dwarves has changed a little; the button has moved from the instruction panel to the claim. So now to spawn a dwarf, you first select the claim and then click ‘Spawn Dwarf’. We have also changed the recipe, dwarves no longer require food to make, but they spawn with half stats.

The mini-map has been given a new look with building locations in the form of colour spots, and now centres and scales according to the explored region, hiding the full scale of the map you’re in.

The visual aesthetic of the old tech tree has been simplified to be more readable, plus, each tech has been given a full description of its effects so you can better understand what unlocking it will do.

Tech Tree

Many of the dwarves behaviours when performing jobs have been updated to be more intelligent and robust. The miner for example will no longer mine a single tile and then drop the resources off at storage. Instead they will continue to mine tiles until the next tile they mine exceeds their inventory cap (of 10 items). There are still a few known issues with the engineer’s behaviour, but we’ll have them fixed by the Steam release.

For this build we’ve removed the campaign mode, since it is currently being re-scripted and we want to save some of our exciting content for the Steam release!

What’s new:

Levels & Abilities – As your dwarves perform jobs they will gain experience in the respective class and eventually level up, gaining a random ability. An example mining ability is prospecting, which triggers when mining ores and reveals when more are nearby. An example combat ability is rock-puncher which gives the warrior an attack buff as long as they’re near rocks or stalagmites. For this alpha, levels are capped at 5. For the Steam release the cap will be increased to 10.

Stances – In combat your warriors now have 3 potential stances: aggressive, balanced or defensive. The aggressive stance sacrifices blocking for dealing more damage, while the defensive stance concentrates on blocking instead. Each stance is good in different situations, but if you’re not one for micro-managing a fight then the balanced stance is a safe bet.

Dwarf List – The dwarf list is a new UI that’s put in place of the spawn dwarf button, and gives you a general overview of all your dwarves, their stats, class levels and abilities.

Dwarf List

New Buildings & Objects – This includes the tool-rack, training dummy, tech table and cooking station, as well as barrels and chests.

Game Tips – A new button with an ‘i’ symbol that shows one of a number of game tips; tid-bits of useful information that don’t fit in the tutorial, to help you on your way to mastering your dwarven clan!

Options Menu – While more options and keybinds still need adding to this menu, there’s already a lot of customisability here. With the options menu and the customisable keybinds you can configure the experience to the way you want it!

What we have planned for Steam:

The Steam release will have a number of extra features, including chapter 1 of the campaign, and will continue to be updated every few months. The game will be a single premium, so once you’ve bought it, chapters 2 to 6 will be free updates, along with all the new content that comes with them. So if you want tones of great content and a great bargain at that, you will have to get in there quick and purchase Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 of the campaign – When you start the campaign, you’ll be shown a cut-scene that talks about where the dwarves came from and why there are so many goblins. There will also be a clan creation screen where you’ll be able to choose the name, colour and insignia for your very own dwarven clan, as well as being able to customise your 3 starting dwarves. Each chapter is expected to have 6 maps to play through, throughout which you get to keep your dwarves and the tech you’ve unlocked.

More customisable generated maps – The current map generator is still missing a few features, such as objectives and tech selection, that should be in for the steam release. As well as this the Goblin AI will undergo a few more improvements.

More maps for skirmish mode – We will be introducing our first mini-game called Mobbit Run. Plus we’re hoping to provide a few more skirmish maps for you to try out.

For all of the above modes, the levels for your dwarves will be capped at 10, instead of the 5 released with the alpha demo.

Also, for those who are interested, over the next few months we will be updating a lot of our platforms such as our website, blog and of course a new game trailer. So those of you who are interested in our game keep an eye out for some exciting content coming sooner than you think.

For those of you on our mailing list, you will be notified not only when the Alpha demo is released (which should hopefully take place in the next few days), but also when our steam page goes live. For those of you reading this that haven’t already, why not sign up to our mailing list to be kept in the loop and of course have access to our Alpha Demo.

You can sign up here through our website. 
That’s all from me for now, happy digging!


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