Braids, Cogs & Anglian Gamers!


17th November 2018 – David

“We decided that we wanted our female dwarves to be strong, capable, determined characters.”

Hi everyone!

Firstly, it was great to meet everyone at Game Anglia over the weekend. We had a great time showing off ‘The Dwarves of Glistenveld’ and had loads of encouraging, positive feedback. Many people who had played the game at last years event commented on how far we had progressed in a year. Our new banners for our stand really helped us have a visual impact which drew people over.

Thanks to the organizers for putting on such a great event and looking after us.

So what have I been working on that I can show you from the game? Well, if you have read our previous posts you will know that female dwarves are now in the game, so I can talk a little about how we came up with their visual direction. The team decided that we wanted our female dwarves to be strong, capable, determined characters that would complement the newly designed male dwarf sprites in the game, yet still be recognizably female.

I came up with some concept sketches that I felt hit the right tone and showed them to the team. Sometimes these things can take several iterations before everyone is happy with how they look, but this time we were good to go with the initial design. The decorative braids being their equivalent of beards.

female dwarf concepts sketch

Stoo Cambridge did a great job at converting the concept into the in-game sprites.

MinerF_ Walking

Another concept piece which I have been wanting to create for a while, is this steam-punk themed clockwork dwarven doorway. I imagined it as the start of a cutscene or loading screen. The idea being that the cogs would turn and the doorway would open either side to reveal the scene beneath. Incorporating design elements that show up in the game UI, such as the ravens and the dwarves with tankards, help to give it that “Glistenveld” feel.


I handed the piece off to Perry who worked his magic and it is now in-game, animated, as a loading screen and it looks great! I will let Perry show off his handiwork on this another timeKeep an eye out for a sneak peek of this on our social pages in the next couple of days!

Moving forward, I’ll be working on some art assets for The Dwarves of Glistenveld’s new trailer that we are currently putting together. It is getting very exciting here at Nysko as we are all working on some incredible content for the game.

Remember, to follow our progress on FacebookTwitter & Instagram! and spread the word about The Dwarves of Glistenveld

So until next time friends;

“May Your Pickaxes Never Be Blunt, and Your Braids Be Blessed!”

Lead Artist




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