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26th September 2018 – Melissa

“One of the team’s latest developments has been our new Skirmish mode…”

So I’m a little new to this blogging stuff, but not new to Nysko; I’ve been working with Nysko for 2-3 years now. I’ve seen the game go from strength to strength and I guess it was about time I shared my view on what’s been going on, with just a general update for you all that follow us.

It’s been a crazy couple months at Nysko Games HQ as we now draw into the colder months, and closer to our release. We’ve had new great people join our team, the dwarves and goblins got a fresh update and we’ve progressed so far in terms of new game-ready content, team communication and meeting deadlines (ready for launch) because in my eyes that’s very important.

With more and more elements of the game being added in, for example she-dwarves; yup that’s happening and we’re so pleased with how our artist David has given his interpretation of how he thinks they would look. We’re also now in the process of laying down the female Dwarves’ in-game dialogue. But one of the team’s latest developments has been our new ‘Skirmish’ mode containing different maps that have been hand crafted for players to explore outside of our main campaign. The idea and significance of these maps is to offer you guys, our players, an alternative playable experience within the world of Glistenveld. For example as a little teaser, the ‘survival’ map has an endless wave of Goblins generating within, is something only the bravest of Dwarves will be able to handle, now really I can’t tell you more than that without giving too much away, but how long do you think you can last against an endless onslaught of Goblins? I’ll leave that up to you guys to find out.


But I guess when it comes down all these awesome new attributes to the game and how hard every member of the team is working, it is sometimes good for teams to have a break, work from home and get that balance right between work life and actually having a life and of course health, with colder months means…Colds… I’m always guilty of ‘sorry I’m out of office today’ as I don’t work at HQ but I find in many ways, getting hold of team with my role in particular which basically marketing, press, proofing, photography, minor design jobs and general managing, it’s never been a better time to work away from the office but ultimately to help the company grow as an indie games company and to keep the team focused on launching their first title.

That’s why I see the importance in connecting teams together even if it is just for a meeting here and there or a simple Discord call to discuss scripts, storyboards, a new concept or a project that has to be marked as ‘looked’ at. The ability to be an outsider looking in, is a vital way of being for me, as I get to really keep the team on their toes, challenge them on deadlines and new concepts. It also allows me to really see how far the team have come and the progress the game has made, which is enormous might I add. But also it allows me to focus and pitch new ways of innovating processes and getting Nysko and The Dwarves Of Glistenveld out there to you guys.

Anyway, enough of me rambling on ( if you haven’t already noticed, I don’t blog that often, so I apologise, I can go on a bit). We’ve got some amazing new things coming your way and of course the game itself, but for now I’ll leave you on this little insight, within the game itself, the amazing design and development team have created a mini-game in-game. And I guess I won’t get in too much trouble by telling you that it’s called ‘Mobbit Run’ but if you want to find out more about this awesome addition, keep your eyes peeled to our social media as we’ll be launching some first-look artwork for the mini-game.




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