Cave-Ins, Barrels and Customisable Clans


5th August 2018 – Perry

When you start the campaign you’ll be able to create your very own Clan!

So it’s that time again when I get the pleasure of updating you guys all about what’s been happening under Glistenveld. Well, the Dwarves have been getting a bit careless with their digging recently as they’ve started causing cave-ins!


Gamers at Rapture last week may have experienced quite a few of these; we’ll be balancing the chance and prevention of cave-ins as we go. Fortunately, some of the Miners have worked out how to predict cave-ins: anyone with the Structure-Sense ability will be able to inform you of any structurally-weak rocks. Also the Engineers are working on ways of preventing them, providing a new unlockable tech: Support posts!

Support Posts.png

Barrels will be used to store food in a more compact form, mushrooms, fish as well as meat. However, thanks to Clan Fishbeard’s ingenuity, our Dwarves have also been exploring up-river in some nifty open-top barrels they’ve repurposed as rafts… well, sort of. This barrel is a bit tall for Wilgin though:

Barrel 'o' Dwarf.gif

In other news, we’ve been working on a Clan Creation screen, which will enable you to customise your clan’s name, colour scheme and emblem! So when you start the campaign you’ll be able to create your very own Clan! You will also be able to re-roll your starting Dwarves’ stats, so you can start each game with the Dwarves you want!

Clan Creation.png

One last update, we have an options menu now (it may seem small but it’s huge)! The new options menu has four categories: Display, Gameplay, Keybinds, and Audio.

  • The display tab provides a number of visual settings and configurations, including the FPS cap and hardware mouse.
  • The gameplay tab provides a bunch of HUD and accessibility settings including colour-blind and single mouse-button modes.
  • The keybinds tab provides a listing of all the keybinds in the game, which you can configure to your liking.
  • The audio tab provides a number of sliders and mute buttons for each type of audio, music, ambience, sfx etc..

Keybinds Menu

Finally, in the coming weeks I’ll be working on polishing up the AI, HUD and game saving while also implementing speech bubbles to make the exchange of dialogue in the game more intuitive.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s blog post. That’s all for now! Stay tuned for our next post!

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