Dwarvish Traits

Bermen Broadfoot.png

12th of May 2018 – Perry

“We hope this, in combination with the new levelling system, will make your Dwarves feel alive and unique”

Hello again!

In recent weeks I’ve been working on a very special feature for the game: Traits! Traits are little quirks in Dwarves that will make them all behave a little differently from one another!


In the previous alpha release you may have noticed these little icons when you select a Dwarf, but at the time they were just place-holders. In the next release, each Dwarf will have 4 traits:

The personality trait determines the way in which the Dwarf interjects in conversation. We haven’t decided yet if this trait should impact gameplay or just determine how they respond in dialogue.

The positive trait gives your Dwarf a helpful quirk, such as ‘Mighty’ which boosts damage and mining speed, or ‘Light-footed’ which means they can evade traps.

The neutral trait tends to have a positive and a negative to it, such as ‘Chunky’ which boosts HP but slows movement or ‘Gentle-dwarf’ who always waits patiently for other Dwarves to move out of their way.

The negative trait gives your Dwarf a less-fortunate quirk, such as ‘Short-sighted’ which gives them a poor line of sight or ‘Glutton’ which causes them to eat more regularly.

Each Dwarf’s traits will be randomly selected when they spawn and they will determine whether the Dwarf is better or worse at certain tasks. We hope this, in combination with the new levelling system, will make your Dwarves feel alive and unique, like our little Bermen here!

You may also notice a couple of changes on the right-hand side of the selection UI as well. We’ve added some controls for telling your Dwarves to rest and eat and we’ll be adding to those over time. You can also see the levelling system at the bottom right (more on that in an earlier blog: Marching Towards Early Access).

Thanks for reading and make sure you sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date with all things Dwarves!


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