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28th of April 2018 – Faye

“Can you guess who finished all the (current) animations for the Goblins Worker and gave the Dwarf sprite a much-needed update??”

It was me!

As I mentioned in my last blog, I had just started the Goblin Worker’s Blocking animation.

And here’s the finished version!

Blocking Animations B.gifBlocking Animations BS.gifBlocking Animations FS.gifBlocking Animations F.gif

All round, this animation wasn’t too hard to create. Usually when I make my sprites, I end up with about 4 different versions till I get it right :/

Now to get to the even more exciting part!

OLD_Dwarf Miner.png

This was my original version of the Dwarf Miner. Apart from not looking quite right (especially with the middle angles), the way I created the layers in the file were very unorganised; so when I finally got round to animating this guy, it was going to be impossible without going through and fixing everything.

I came to the conclusion that it would be more time efficient to create a whole new version of the Dwarf than fixing it up as is. This way with the new files it was easier to animate.

NEW_Dwarf Miner V7.png

As you can see above here is the new version of the Dwarf Miner! His look is more proportionate to himself and I made him a bit taller, to show off a bit of leg~  Making him look less flat.

I will be updating the other dwarf designs as soon as these animations for this guy are done.

I’ll end with a little sneak peak on his current animations~

Dwarf Miner Walking Animation F V4.gifNEW_Dwarf Miner Idle Animation F V1.gif

Here we’ve got walking and idle!

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