Marching Towards Early Access

clan colours

23rd March 2018 – Martyn

“Its shocking really how far we’ve come since we started out!”

Time for another update!

I know we’ve been a bit quiet as of late and that’s mainly due to the amount of work we’ve been faced with. However, we’ve got quite a bit to talk about as we march towards our early access release. Here is a short list of things that we’ve been working on and how we’re progressing on each.

Revamped Story Campaign – As previously mentioned in an earlier blog by Perry, we have decided to take a different direction with the singleplayer campaign. To make life easier for ourselves and in the hopes of keeping players engaged in the game as it progresses, we are splitting the campaign into 6 Chapters. When we release the game in early access, the game will be released with Chapter 1 with subsequent chapters being released as free updates as and when we roll them out to the public. Each Chapter will introduce more content and another part to the campaign, all of which will hopefully keep the game alive as we progress through early access.

Beard Colours – Dwarves’ beards are no longer confined to the colour brown. Now when a dwarf spawns into the game they will appear with a different colour beard!

beard colours

Clan Colours – The different clans are coming to life as we begin to populate the world. Each of the five clans now has their own colour scheme: Red, Black, Pink, Yellow & Turquoise. When the player first starts a new game they will be able to choose their own clan name and colour!

New Building Sprites – We’ve been busy swapping out older sprites with newer sprites, making them fit into the theme of the game as well as just making them look better. We’ve also been working on new buildings such as the Carpentry Table & Torches.

Rocks, Stalagmites & Barrels – Scenery objects really help bring the game to life. Large rocks now populate the world which really helps set the tone of the game. Stalagmites have been redesigned to fit in more with the game’s art-style and we now have barrels which can be found dotted around. These barrels can be broken into to find random loot!


Cut-Scenes – We’re in the middle of working on cut-scenes that will featureĀ in the Chapter 1 release of the game. These scenes have already been drawn and their audio recorded, all that’s left now is to edit them into videos.

Multiplayer – At the moment we are still in the early stages of Multiplayer, working primarily on the framework which will send information to and from the client. We are trying our best to have this ready and polished for Chapter 1 release.

Levelling System – One of the main features we’ve been working on these past few weeks is the levelling system. Dwarves will now gain experience as they perform jobs and will unlock new abilities! We’re still working on implementing the abilities but the system as a whole is coming along nicely!


I think that’s mostly everything we have to report on so far. Its shocking really how far we’ve come since we started out. We’ve actually been reflecting on our progress over the past year and we’re really proud of the team’s efforts. If you want to get a sneak peek of our progress over the last year make sure to check out the article here.

Hopefully, this week’s blog has given you a little insight into how much work is going to the game before the release.

To stay tuned for more updates, don’t forget to check out our Facebook & Twitter!



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