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9th March 2018 – Joseph

“When I’m not working with Nysko my ‘day job’ is as a PhD student, working on improving game artificial intelligence.”

Hello again,

A few weeks ago we attended an event at our hub – and I’d forgotten it’s my turn to post the blog (whoops)!  Its been a bit of a mad dash to get a paper finished so it’s not been a very productive time for me with Nysko.

What I’m doing is games related though so I guess I can share it with you guys. When I’m not working with Nysko my ‘day job’ is as a PhD student, working on improving game artificial intelligence. The ultimate goal is to make AIs in games more believable (better at acting like the things they represent in the game world). That’s still a long way off though – for now, I’m focusing on agents that can play the card game Hanabi. So far we’ve built an agent that can play well with other people (not just the good ones :P) and we’re looking at ways of making it better by figuring out how people play games with it.

We’re organising a competition for people to write computer players that can play the game. I’ve written a post about the code-free version of the competition on my personal blog. It’s basically a website where you can drag around pre-created rules to form a strategy to play the game. We’ve also got the very shiny (if I do say so myself) competition website to submit entries both rules-based and Java-based if you’re feeling a little more adventurous.

Very recently, we’ve started expanding the work into some new areas – We’ve been looking at neural networks for predicting game results. Results so far have been quite promising.

That’s enough PhD ramblings – Nysko things! Marytn and I were at the Ukie Hub Crawl on the 15th February. We had the opportunity to speak to a range of local businesses in the games sector. It was also good seeing our fellow games hub companies on stage as part of the panel at the end :)The talks were really good and free pizza is never a bad thing ;P

We’ve also been stuck in the snow, with the campus and surrounding roads being covered in a layer of snow and ice.

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