Digging Goblins & Growing Mushrooms

Happy New Year.jpg

5th of February 2018 – Faye

“Once a mushroom is fully grown it can start spawning baby ones around it which will grow up!”

It’s a little late but Happy 2018 everyone! I hope you are all having a good year so far.

So, straight onto the work. I finished the Goblin Digging/Fighting animations and I’ve been working on the Blocking animation for the next animation installment so keep your eyes peeled. Took a while but for the most part, I’m happy with it.

Digging_Fighting Animations B.gifDigging_Fighting Animations FS 2.gifDigging_Fighting Animations BS 1.gifDigging_Fighting Animations F.gif

Now let’s talk about Mushrooms. When we first came up with the idea for mushrooms we talked about how they would grow. I then mocked up a rough sketch of it.

Mushrooms Idea.jpgIn the sketch above, I’ve colour coded how the mushrooms might grow. Red meaning a baby mushroom, green a mid grown one and purple a fully grown one. Once a mushroom is fully grown it can start spawning baby ones around it which will grow up and then the process continues.

So far we have two types of Mushrooms, purple and red.



They were fun to make and only took me a day to create them. When designing the mushrooms we needed a distinction between the types of mushroom as in-game the Purple Mushrooms are poisonous while the Red ones are edible.

This I find kinda ironic as I based the Purple mushrooms design on Cortinarius violaceus or Violet Webcap, a purple but edible mushroom (according to Wikipedia so take it with a pinch of salt) found across North America, Europe and Asia.

File:2008-08-22 Cortinarius violaceus (L.) Gray 18241.jpg

The Red mushroom design is based on Amanita muscaria commonly known as Fly Agaric which is actually poisonous though not deadly and can even be eaten after parboiling (please do not go out and do this, I’m too poor to get sued for misinformation).

File:2006-10-25 Amanita muscaria crop.jpg

(Once again, don’t go out and eat the real mushrooms as I know nothing. I’m just a silly uni student with an almost art degree.)

Hope you’ve enjoyed a run through with the status of our animations and my designs for the mushrooms which I’m excited for! As they are pretty cute! If you’d like to hear more from me or check out some of my other work, feel free to follow my Tumblr: fae-jinni.tumblr.com and Instagram: @fae_jinni.

Thanks for reading!

Lead Artist


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