I have nothing for you!

How's uni going.jpg

8th December 2017 – Faye

“I think this picture accurately sums up my life right now.”

Well looks like it’s my turn to blog again and I’ll be honest I’ve got nothing relevant to talk about as I’ve been swamped with uni work.  As much as Nysko is a big part of my life, so is my art degree and as it’s coming up towards Christmas so that means deadlines.

Faye_Goblin Movement F.gifFaye_Goblin Movement FS 6.gifFaye_Goblin Movement BS.gifFaye_Goblin Movement B.gif

On the plus side, I finished all the Goblin walking animations! Yay~ (Only took me 3 bloody months!)  But I’m pretty chuffed with how they’ve come out.

Now, because I’ve been busy with uni stuff (and I’m a slow worker) I haven’t got round to creating anything else for the game.

I have nothing 2.jpg

So, I’m going to showcase some of the old stuff I’ve done so it doesn’t look like I’m a total washout.

Goblin Flag.png

Goblin Flag Ideas.jpg







These two creations here are the Goblin and Dwarf flags alongside with their concept art also done by yours truly!

These are some of my favourite work, as I really loved developing and making them.

Dwarf Flag Ideas.jpg

Dwarf Flag.png









They may end up changed in the future but for now, I’m happy with them.

Gonna cut this post short as I wasn’t lying about how swamped I’ve been with uni. I really need to get my work done so I can start flooding your feeds with dwarves art.

As always, if you want to follow me and look at what I’m up to you can on Tumblr: fae-jinni.tumblr.com and on Instagram: fae_jinni.

Lead Artist Poor Uni Student


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