The Arrival of Winter & The Toilet Monster

2017-11-28 10.48.302nd December 2017 – Martyn

“With the weather getting colder and with Christmas on its way, here at the Hub we’ve been having some odd occurrences!”

With bugs being fixed and all our events finished for the year. I now turn to face the tile textures that have remained unchanged for about a year now. As mish-mashed as they are, at the time we implemented them they served to give the player a rough idea of what resource was present on that tile, be it stone, gravel or gems. Moving ahead with our next build these textures must now be polished with something that now fits more in line with the tone of the game.


The Iron Ore, originally started off with this and I tried to work the iron as if it was coming out of the earth itself. However, when we put it in the engine it just didn’t seem to flow and looked too much like our new texture for gems.


After doing some research on Iron Ore I decided to have veins of Iron flow in lines within the rock itself. We found that this worked much better and lent itself more in line with the art style of the game.


gold ore

We decided to do this with the Gold Ore as well, which too came from doing research online. I found that by applying this blotchy effect, it not only distinguished Gold as being different from the other resources but was also more accurate to how Gold Ore appeared in its natural state.

On another note, recently time at the office has been rather entertaining, to say the least. With the weather getting colder and with Christmas on its way, here at the Hub we’ve been having some odd occurrences! We’ve been enjoying having a heating system that cant decide what time of year it is, a toilet monster that only appears on Wednesdays, and a printer that genuinely doesn’t like me.

2017-11-28 10.51.30Apart from the noise from the building site just meters away from the hub, it’s not all bad. I just hope that if we buy a Christmas tree, Santa will still remember to deliver presents to all the hard working devs and hopefully banish the toilet monster before he leaves. I know one thing, I’m hoping Santa leaves us…some tea, coffee and biscuits! (It’s the only thing we survive on… especially Teaboy…)

That’s all I’ve got to report for this week. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! @nyskogames every like/follow means a lot to us!

Until next time!


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