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25th November 2017 – Joseph

“We got a lot of valuable feedback from our playtesters over this weekend and really enjoyed seeing people have fun playing the game.”

The past two weekends have been very busy for the team. We’ve been presenting the game at two games events: Rapture 2 and Game Anglia. The tutorials have given us an opportunity to test out the latest versions of the game and get feedback on the progress we’ve been making.

Rapture 2 turned out to be a big event for us. This time we had 4 machines setup and had the demo running on all of them. We also had little dwarves, colouring sheets and goodie bags for people that tested out the game. We got a lot of valuable feedback from our playtesters over this weekend and really enjoyed seeing people have fun playing the game.


We had a few setup issues at Rapture, we couldn’t get into one of the machines and had to play guess the password before we got set up and only then found out one of the machines didn’t have Java set up; but we managed to get it all working before the doors opened having all four machines up and running for the event.

From Rapture, we found people didn’t enjoy playing the tutorial as much as the randomly generated maps. From seeing people play we thought it seemed a bit slow in comparison. We came up with a few ideas on how to improve the tutorial, expecting to work on it after Game Anglia.

Perry had other ideas. In true Perry style, he was able to turn around a new tutorial system in the week between the two events and we were able to test it at Game Anglia. The new tutorial system went down very well and we’re very grateful to everyone who was able to test it out.

The new system gives people hints as they play. Rather than needing to complete a series of steps it teaches you things as you go along. It’s a lot more fluid and I’m really impressed with how much Perry managed to get implemented and polished between the two events. I’ve been a bit snowed under as of late so haven’t been much help.

Here are some shots taken from GameAnglia to go with the one from Rapture from last week.



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