Goblins are cooler than Dwarfs (FACT)

Cool vs Lame.jpg

4th November 2017 – Faye

“Can you guess how many versions of this Goblin’s walking animation I made till I was happy?”

Hello fellow readers, I’m back again!

As we are all smart individuals, you lot should be well aware that goblins are way cooler than dwarfs (for some reason my teammates don’t think the same as me, but you should just ignore them). And to prove any of you non-believers out there, I’m gonna show you what I’ve been working on!

Faye_Goblin Idle Movement 2.gif

Faye_Goblin Idle Movement FS 3.gif

(Look, I figured out how to do GIFS!)

(Yay for me.)

So, this is two sides of the Idle Animations for the Goblin Worker I created. Took a bloody long time but I’m happy with it.

Faye_Goblin Movement FS 6.gif


The other animation I’ve been working on is the walking one. Can you guess how many versions of this Goblin’s walking animation I made till I was happy?

Six, I had to make this animation six different times before I was happy… But it was worth it.



Unfinshed Faye_Goblin Movement F.gif


And just cause I can, I’m gonna show you guys what I’ve done so far with the front animation.

Just need to get the arms working and then it should be done!




Now do the Dwarfs have custom animations done by yours truly? No! Well, not yet anyway as it’s kinda my job to make them when I get the time… Goblin’s are still cooler though!

That’s all I’ve got for you today kids. I hope that you non-believes have now come to realize that Goblins are super cool. As always, if any of you’s wanna follow me, I have a¬†Tumblr: fae-jinni.tumblr.com and an Instagram: @fae_jinni

Thanks for reading!

Lead Artist

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