Bugs, bugs, bugs…


21st October 2017 – Joseph

“But we’d already checked that – they’re present in the maps and they work!”

This week we’ve been looking at bugs relating to the scenario maps. We noticed a few problems with loading some of the maps that we couldn’t quite explain – scripts that looked fine weren’t executing when running in the game.

We looked at the scripts, they all looked fine. We ran them in the editor’s play mode and everything looked fine, so we stuck debug messages in the game and sure enough, the debug messages showed the scripts were missing the required conditions.

But we’d already checked that – they’re present in the maps and they work.

On one of our testing playthroughs, it suddenly occurred to us what was happening. We were looking at the versions of the maps that Marytn had been working on for the next release – not the ones that the game loads.

The reason for this is a little complex, the scenario maps live in their own special folder, out of the way of custom maps, which isn’t where the editor looks by default. We’d ended up with two copies of the map – the working one that we’d be using in the map editor and the testing one from earlier in the development cycle that the scenario automatically picked up and used when you entered the map. Whoops.

Perry’s been away this week, but when he gets back I’ll have a chat about putting some automation in place for this kind of thing, hopefully, that will help us avoid problems in future.

Character AIs

I’ve also been working on improving the AI code. Cleaning it up a bit and introducing the ability for the characters to have different behaviours. It’s still early days but I’m working on adding a new way for the characters to figure out what it is they should be doing right now.

At the moment, the characters are fairly fixed they all work the same way. It’s not possible for a character to be more or less aggressive.

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