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29th September 2017 – Faye

TROLLS, we had the idea that they will have different things growing from their backs depending on what region the Troll are from!”

Yo, it’s your main boy Fae-Jinni here!

Hope you’re ready to see the art I’ve been working on cause that’s what I’ve got lined up for you today!

So, first an update on the cart I mentioned in my last blog. You should be happy to know that I am no longer suffering trying to get all the sides to look right! Here’s the finished version.

Wooden Cart.png

Concept art of the Trolls.jpg


Another cool thing I’ve been working on, is the Trolls. Here’s the concept art I drew up way back, while we were at the Norwich Games Festival.




Troll.pngThis is the current pixel art version! The idea we’ve got going for with the Trolls is that they will have different things growing from their backs depending on what region the Troll is from e.g. Ruin’s will have plants and ferns, Mountain’s might have icicles or gems. However this design would be the ‘default version’ of the Troll.

Finally, the main thing I’ve been working on are the Goblins! More specifically the Worker.

Goblin Version 2.pngThis is the old version of the Goblin Worker. I felt my old design lacked personally, wasn’t interesting or had any distinct features to let the player know this is a ‘Worker Goblin’.

Goblin Version 4.png

This is my new version of the Worker. Looking at them side by side, I realize that I’ve basically just given him cool arms but my point still stands! I’ve also fixed some of the problems with his body.

I’ve started an Idle animation for this Goblin but I’m still ironing out some of the kinks, so I’m gonna save that reveal for next time! Keep your eyes peeled.

If you wanna hear more from me, you’re welcome to follow me on Tumblr: or my Instagram @fae_jinni

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