Stream Video & Updates


8th September 2017 – Perry Monschau

“Our latest live-stream is now on our youtube channel, so if you missed it live then you can check it out here: Dwarves of Gistenveld Livestream 2.”

Martyn’s Livestream went well, I wasn’t there in person but I was there in spirit (and in the chat section answering questions). We’ve uploaded it to our youtube channel, check it out here: Dwarves of Gistenveld Livestream 2. I’d like to say we checked it twice and edited the video to a fine quality, but we’ve been bogged down getting this next alpha ready, so I hope you don’t mind the rawness of the livestream footage (pretty sure no one swore or flashed anything so it’s all good). Feel free to give us some feedback down in the comments section if there’s anything we can improve on with our streaming or the game.

Regarding the next Alpha release, I know it’s been a while. We felt our first Alpha was missing a lot of features that we really wanted in the game and we’ve also been working hard to improve the user-experience from our last release. We’ve taken on board a lot of feedback, from events, the feedback form, team members and friends. Feedback is so useful, it allows our game to grow and for us to deliver exactly what you, our gamers want to see. While we can identify when things aren’t quite right ourselves, it’s hard sometimes to know what exactly is wrong, or how to fix it, and any feedback really helps with that.

Ok, so you probably really want to know when the next alpha is coming, right? We were pretty terrible at estimating the date for our last release and that’s mainly down to a last minute realisation that certain things just didn’t work. We are however better prepared and more confident this time around, so hopefully this release will stay on schedule. I’m happy to announce we’ll have our Second Alpha sent out to everyone on the 30th of this month!
(Fingers crossed :P)

Still here? I guess I can give you an update on what I’ve been getting up to as well… I’ve been working with Joseph on fixing bugs, and with Martyn on getting the mini-campaign and world map together. I’ve also been giving the user-interface some attention with a number of quality-of-life improvements, such as more tooltips, more crafting recipes, and most things that you can click on now have a description and direct you to the relevant wiki page. The appearance of the UI still needs work, but it’ll have to do for this one.

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