Upcoming Live-stream

streamupdate_mapeditor.png25th August 2017 – Martyn

“So what else will I be up to? Well this Saturday at 8pm BST (7pm UTC) I will be doing a live-stream showing the process of making a map from start to finish.”

Over the past few weeks I’ve been busy building maps ready for the mini-campaign that will feature in the next alpha. Coming up with different scenarios can actually be quite difficult, as you don’t really want the player to become bored playing scenario’s that are too similar. Instead, I try to offer the player new and unique challenges in each map, with each having their own distinct feel. On top of all this, I’ve also been busy managing our schedules and making sure we are covering everything for the next build. This is easier said than done, as some tasks might take longer than what you initially thought, or because you can’t start a certain task without something else being done first.

On a more exciting note, this Saturday at 8pm BST (7pm UTC), I will be doing a live-stream showing the process of making a map from start to finish.


By doing this we can show you how our maps are made, as well as get a chance to show off the game engine 😛 If you haven’t already got us on Twitch, you can find our Twitch channel here.

Another bit of exciting news, we’ve been asked to attend at the Rapture Games Festival in November in the Indie Zone which we are soo hyped for! We had a great turnout back in May and cannot wait to get the game in front of the people of Colchester once again with a few added extras for players. If you haven’t heard of Rapture I recommend checking it out here!

If you’re interested in how we make our maps don’t miss out on our Twitch stream this Saturday. Hope to see you there!

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