Providing A Place To Chat (Our new forum)


18th August 2017 – Joseph 

Hello all,

I’m Joseph. I’ll keep my intro brief, you can have a better one by visiting the new forum 🙂 I’m Nysko’s support programmer so a lot of behind the scenes work; I find and fix bugs, provide technical advice and look after infrastructure for Nysko. I mostly work on doing bug fixes and designed the Nysko games website.

They’ve let me loose on the blog to tell you about what I’ve been up to this week. That’s mostly getting our new Forum up and running. The forum gives people a place to talk and allows you to interact with us as we’re making the game.

Perry (the boss) has been working on the forum design and so it’s gone a bit… brown, but he’s getting help from our resident art expert Faye 🙂 He has also taken the time to create some tags for different kinds of posts, so you can find a topic that interests you.

The topics he’s created tags for are:

  • Introductions – For saying hi
  • General Discussion – This is for talking about the game, forum and website but not discussing your favorite military figures
  • Troubleshooting – Where we find trouble and shoot it
  • Maps – Where you can share your custom and generated maps
  • Suggestions – Give us feedback on what we could improve on
  • Mods – Write your own content and share it with others
  • Mod Support – Ask for help with user-created mods
  • Off-topic – For everything and anything not game related, eg. general gaming discussion, art things, cat pictures

On behalf of the Nysko team, we hope to see you there!


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