An Interfacial Facelift…

2017-06-28 15.25.1428th June 2017 – Martyn Hinson

The whole team has been busy over the last few weeks reworking the UI, making optimisations, and working on maps that will form the basis for each of the different regions found within the game.


The old UI that appeared at the top of the screen has now been removed. The new UI now sits at the bottom of the screen having been split into two different sections.

The first (which is displayed here on the left) will appear at the bottom-left hand corner of the screen. From this, players can issue orders to their dwarves similar to the old instruction menu. The commands are split into sub menus; in the picture (left), the player has selected the crafting building icon where they can then build a forge or another crafting building.


The second UI (above) details information about the unit, building or entity that the player has selected. This details all the relevant information about that object, including stats and the current task that is being carried out. Having taken inspiration from other RTS & TBS games, we’re hoping that this new UI will help make the gameplay feel more intuitive.

What do you guys think of our progress? (You can leave a reply at the bottom of this post, send us an email at, or use our online feedback form!) Any and all feedback is a big help!


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