Rapture 2017

Group Sat

17th May 2017 – Martyn Hinson & Perry Monschau

Over the weekend we attended the Colchester Rapture Gaming Festival that was being held at Charter Hall. The event itself was teeming, and I would like to thank the rapture team for giving us the opportunity to set up and present our game to the public.

We learnt a lot about the game while we watched people play it. We noticed some people had trouble differentiating between mouse’s left and right buttons, we can only guess this is because they tend to play on a console rather than PC. This is something we’ll have to keep an eye on. We’ve also devised a list of things that need changing, such as:

  • UI for creating instruction zones
  • Fishing mechanics and visual feedback for them
  • Feedback for buildings and what they do
  • Springs and how dwarves are spawned/limited
  • Optimising engineer’s building behaviour
  • Visual feedback for dwarves’ actions and objectives

We knew that the current UI wasn’t as intuitive as it seemed on paper, and the playthroughs at rapture confirmed this.. so we have started to rework the UI, taking more consideration over how players will interact with it.  As well as reworking the UI, we are also working towards a mini campaign for our next alpha build. This will enable players to play through a small portion of the singleplayer campaign that will feature in the final game.

We would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who came to see as at Rapture! Keep watching this space for more news and updates as we continue our journey in building The Dwarves of Glistenveld!


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