Patching Holes


3rd May 2017 – Martyn Hinson & Perry Monschau

Since the release of our first alpha demo we have had a lot of feedback regarding bugs and general improvements (thanks guys!). Having received word of a few crashes, we decided to work on a quick patch to try to fix them. We believe we’ve found the culprit now and have given them a good disciplining; but to be on the safe-side, we’ve also built in an agent to try to detect and throttle mischievous code.

Those who are signed up to our mailing list or have requested our alpha should already have received a copy of the new patch, and for anyone else, you can ask for a copy by emailing us at! Please continue to send us your feedback, it really helps! The changes in the patch are below:

  • Pathfinding past roots was getting stuck. Culprit of lag and freezes?
  • Wood harvest bug – Foragers now harvest wood more sensibly.
  • Character Stuck Prevention – Dwarves in each other’s way will only try to push each other for a time before they pass through each other.
  • More Responsive UI – Builds and crafts now respond to changes in resources & building placement & destruction.
  • ‘Move Building’ Instruction – should stop inverting itself.
  • Manual decision ‘drop item’ should stop getting stuck.
  • Changed Right click / Ctrl click to an action menu (move, act, cancel) for complex tiles. Ctrl click forces move now.
  • Battle cursor – added animated battle cursor for ordering an attack.
  • Added goblin abundance option in random map generator.
  • You can now get the map seeds of randomly generated maps from the File menu.
  • Added ‘Code Agent’ to detect, flag up and throttle frozen code. May cause some weird bugs, but it’s better than nothing.
  • Tutorial – Made tutorial buttons a bit less subtle.

On a side note, we will be attending the Rapture Gaming Festival in Colchester on the 13th & 14th of May, where we will be showing off our game in all its glory. We are super excited about meeting the other developers there and showing off our game to folks. We hope to meet some of you there!

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