The Hexagon Grid



6th June 2016 – Perry Monschau
Years before our game was born, I started making a hexagon grid engine at University. I’d learnt that a hexagon is the most accurate (tessellating) shape if you’re trying to represent equidistance in all directions (a simple concept, as long as you know what the words mean :P). I had an idea of how to make a hexagonal grid look isometric without it actually being 3D (in other words, 2.5D). It was one of a number of little projects I gave myself back then, since I loved figuring things out.

Then, some time after finishing University, Martyn called me up one day and asked if I wanted to join him in trying to make a game! I was already sold on the idea, I had aspired to make a game, but lacked the team to work on it with me. We started playing with a number of ideas, but they were either too big for us, or no go’s. Then I showcased some of my little projects to him and a couple of them stood out. One happened to spark an idea, the other was the hexagon grid. He believed the grid had a charm about it, and we discussed the possibility of using it to make the game we had in mind. So, I got to work building a layer on top of the engine to represent our game, and I called it Dwarves.

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